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My peeps, take this to heart. You’re damaging your community (both its growth and sustainability *and* the individual folks who belong to it) by sticking all the important stuff just in Discord

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Puzzled Pint is back tomorrow night at Bohemian's, Indiranagar

The Bored Ape NFT team hosted an event in Hong Kong where they blasted attendees with UV light, giving them (temporary) eye damage.

Crypto is a gift that keeps on giving.

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I have been working on Puzzmo, in secret, for almost two years now with @orta.

Puzzmo is *the* place to play daily newspaper puzzle games online.

TODAY we are launching a brand new daily crossword (designed to be approachable like all of my games) alongside with 2 other new games from me (and 3 older ones reimagined)

During prelaunch we only let in 500 people a day, so get at em!

I hope you enjoy Puzzmo!

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‘Tis the day! 🤩
Members & donors of IFF, it's the Quarterly Members’ Call day! Join us to know what we’ve been up to this quarter (Spoiler: A lot of firefighting & a LOT of fun🤪)

Not registered? Find the invite in your inbox. See you at 7 PM!

Puzzled Pint is tonight! We are at a new venue this month - Bohemians on 12th Main, Indiranagar!

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A Statement by IFF’s Board of Trustees on @apar’s role transition from IFF’s Executive Director. He will be taking on the role of Founder Director & continue to serve on the Board of Trustees.1/4

Registrations for this month's in Bangalore is now open. Join us at Watson's on Tuesday for an evening of beer and puzzles!

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📣 Attention IFF Members & Donors 📣
We’re hosting our Quarterly Members’ Call next week on Thursday, July 6, 2023!
Keep an eye out for an invite coming to your inbox very soon 👀

This time around, we’re dividing IFF updates into four themes that correspond with our core work areas:
🔹 Internet shutdowns
🔹 Censorship
🔹 Surveillance
🔹 Privacy & data protection. 1/n

Weathering With You was so so good. Watching it in the theater was absolutely worth waiting for.

Has anyone here had good experiences with generative AI writing code? I've tried GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT, and I haven't had much confidence in the output aside from trivial things.

And then I see stuff like this and I'm wondering if I'm the dumb one in this ecosystem 🤔

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Feel bad about missing so many cool events this weekend in Bangalore. Posting here for visibility, maybe you’ll like attending:

- @barcampbangalore on 20th.
- Servants of Knowlege has @carlmalamud speaking at BIC on 19th. bangaloreinternationalcentre.o
- @fossunited has the monthly meet-up on 20th.

Was wonderful catching up with Recurse Center alumni in Bangalore for


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Only 5 days left to submit your proposals for the FOSSUnited Bangalore Meetup!

Date: Saturday, 20th May 2023
Time: 2 PM

CFP closes May 6th.

Watched Suzume this weekend in an empty theater. Please go see it before it's out of rotation - it's well worth your time.

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that Substack CEO interview by Nilay Patel
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I'm so impressed with the turn out this year for Puzzled Pint. It's been 100+ people every month since December 2022. Meetup(dot)com for all it's issues atleast once in while pops off.

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PuzzledPint Reminder Post. This Tuesday, on 11th.

Register here:

Really hoping I can get back to doing some regular livestreams this year. I think between some programming projects and video-puzzle-games, I can do atleast one a week.

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I’m always forgetting to post here about my newsletter 🤦🏼‍♀️

In the last issue, I shared a type tour of Indiranagar, my old neighbourhood in Bangalore, and put together a small showcase of Kannada newspaper nameplates from my collection

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Finally found an inexpensive way to join the fediverse while still using my domain/identity with @takahe