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Karthik Balakrishnan

Often stumbles into internet movements. Support digital rights in India:

Weathering With You was so so good. Watching it in the theater was absolutely worth waiting for.

Has anyone here had good experiences with generative AI writing code? I've tried GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT, and I haven't had much confidence in the output aside from trivial things.

And then I see stuff like this and I'm wondering if I'm the dumb one in this ecosystem 🤔

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@nemo @cheeaun yes finally! This was as beta as it gets 😭


@nemo 💯

I guess one way of triaging is to just junk some issues altogether


@s3thi successful?

Was wonderful catching up with Recurse Center alumni in Bangalore for


@s3thi what steam games have you been trying?

Watched Suzume this weekend in an empty theater. Please go see it before it's out of rotation - it's well worth your time.

@gonsalves you have inspired me to try and give this mess a shot

@gonsalves the solution is obviously a new serverrack rahul. Imagine how easy this would be in a tool less one 👀

@nemo i mean I'm glad people are writing about it but in the scheme of things there are so many more brazen and immediate threats, it feels like a distraction to talk about this

@anildash I got a bunch of followers on Twitter years ago when I started using it actively, and it kind of skewed how I used the platform. Everything ended up feeling performative, and I found myself subconsciously choosing to filter out stuff that wasn't "good enough", until I just stopped posting altogether.

@nemo it'll be nice to do a web leaderboard. Years back I had gotten permission to host, maybe we can keep it there?

I'm so impressed with the turn out this year for Puzzled Pint. It's been 100+ people every month since December 2022. Meetup(dot)com for all it's issues atleast once in while pops off.

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Really hoping I can get back to doing some regular livestreams this year. I think between some programming projects and video-puzzle-games, I can do atleast one a week.

@nemo from their docs it _seems_ like you can't update the code for a given version number. It'll monotonically update the version with each code deployment. They have function alias which are named version, but those are separate (it seems)

Also each version has it's own ARN, so you can invoke a specific version of the function via aws's invoke API potentially.

@nemo if this is ultimately built on trusting AWS, then function versions are usually immutable

This could also be extended to docker image hashes too theoretically.

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@shrayasr I'll message you on telegram!

@nemo yeah I suppose polling is the only real way to do that with lambdas. You have a 15 minute window, so there is plenty of time.

What's stopping someone from updating the lambda after the invocation and before it's verified though?

@nemo can you give a higher level view of what you are trying to do? Lambda is pretty short-lived, so what data is passed to it after it's invoked that's not available at the beginning? And why does it have to be the same lambda?

@shrayasr I've been okay! Feels like the last year or two have kind of gone by in a flash, I'm only now realising how many people I've lost touch with. Currently busy with IPL work. You tell if you want to attend a CSK home game 😇